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There is More to Puerto Vallarta Than Meets the Eye Situated beside the Banderas Bay in the Pacific coast of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta was a plain fishing village that is until the 1960s. Hollywood was able to alter this village’s image. The movie and the documentation made by the paparazzi revealed how enchanting Puerto Vallarta is. The place made a mark in history. Currently, there is a lot of beach resorts established in Puerto Vallarta which is the second most famous city in Mexico. The city remains simple amidst the many buildings in it. The downtown area offers more things to explore for the tourists aside from the beaches. The buses stop at points close to the beach resorts, and the rates are cheap albeit uncomfortable, which can take you downtown. The cobbled road is maintained by the business owners and the city locals. The places to visit downtown can easily be reached. A famous landmark downtown is the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadeloupe. To decorate the building, a tiara made of fiber glass was created in place of the old tiara demolished by an earthquake in 1995. The majority of the special shops are located in the surround area of the cathedral. You have to take a walk at the Malecon which is near the bay. One of the prominent sculptures you will see there is a sculpture of a boy who is riding a seahorse. The said sculpture was identified as a symbol of Puerto Vallarta. After hurricane Kenna ravaged the Malecon in 2002, it has undergone a lot of repairs for the damages. Where Rio Cuale meets the ocean is the western area of the Malecon. You will discover upriver two big markets which peddles food, hats, blankets and other handicrafts. To get the best deals on the souvenirs sold, communicate with the shop owners in Spanish. Aside from that, you can visit the Rio Cuale Island Archaeological museum. They display artifacts from the ancient civilizations located in there.
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You can also engage in other activities while you are at Puerto Vallarta instead of staying in the beach for so long during your stay. Located within Puerto Vallarta are numerous ecosystems. The tropical shoreline is readily seen, however if you take a 45 minute drive all of the ecosystems in Mexico can be visited. There are activities readily available in every biome that you visit. Traveling agencies can arrange any of the following for you: hiking, jeep safaris, bungee jumping, canopy zip lines, ATV rides and horseback riding. Also, you can engage in the following activities: fishing, snorkeling, sailing and wildlife viewing in the waters.
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There are a lot of available occasions for you to observe wildlife, throughout the year. You can even see 350 species of birds in Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta offers the opportunity also for you to witness the migration of humpbacks and killer whales in the months of December through March.